Matching components promise an optimum level of performance. Therefore we enlarged our product range for mass transfer applications by integrating droplet separators, liquid distributors, bed limiters (retention systems) and support grids.

Liquid Distributor

Liquid Distributor

We support you to find the right solution for your plant. We create individual solutions for special applications. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Up to 99.9% of the droplet entrainment with a limiting size of 35 µm is separated by droplet separators. We adjust them individually to the vessel geometry and calculate the perfect inflow cross section as part of the process design.

The correct type and individual design selection are extremely important to profit from the high performance level of the structured packings. We assist you to find the right liquid distribution and design it especially for your application.

For fixing the structured packings, a comparatively simple construction of cross bars is sufficient.

We assist you to choose the support structure most suited for your requirements. In contrary to random packings, where expensive multi-beam supports have to be used, for structured packings even gratings fulfill this purpose, presenting one way to save costs.