Perfect in Plastics. On our fill media rely various industries and applications. Made from plastics such as PVC, PP and PVDF, the fill media are used for cooling towers, water and waste water treatment, stormwater infiltration, mass transfer applications, agricultural engineering and aquaculture (fish farming). Knowledge and expertise gathered in over 40 years of experience enable us to help our customers with design and engineering consultancy for their plants.

Crossflow structure


As far back as 40 years and more we developed the first cross-fluted fills and perfected them to meet market needs. Today we have established ourselves in the most varied of applications across the world. And the secret of their success? It is as simple as it is convincing. The contact intensity of air and water involved in the exchange of heat and material in cross-fluted fills is much greater than in other fill structures. Best requirements for optimum phase transitions backed up, in addition, by specific-purpose surfaces.


At the end of the 1980s, we developed a process for manufacturing embossed PP films - a patented process allowing the film, including embossing, to be extruded directly out of the melting mass. With a host of benefits for the application field involved.

If required, the PP films can be extruded 30% more strongly at the edges and in the middle than at other points. As such, the specific reinforcement of the films leads to much greater stability of the upper and lower edges of the fills. Not only with a 300 mm but also with a 600 mm block height.

And there is more: the optimized film strength distribution combined with our developed PP compound ensure an exceptional high resistance to erosion – something which is caused by the constant impact of water.

For some years we have been using this patented process in the manufacturing of our PVC foils as well.

We now offer PLASdek® and BIOdek® fills in both PP and rigid PVC and thus fulfill the industry’s wishes for a hardly inflammable, self-extinguishing fill material.

Optimised foil thickness distribution
welding machine


Our passion for intelligent solutions. The desire to conserve the environment and nature. A thought. A little time … innovative technologies do not always lead to new success stories. Sometimes a concentrated look at the detail is all that is needed.

The sealing process devised by us clearly shows it is worthwhile constantly enquiring and searching into better approaches. This produces marked benefits in a number of ways. It allows us to dispense totally with adhesive. No adhesive, no solvent – no solvent emission. And this is more than just a contribution to environmental protection. Dispensing with adhesive also means getting rid of any points that can be attacked by hydrolysis – a process able to dissolve adhesive contacts.

Instead, the films are systematically and firmly melted one to another. Up to 20,000 sealing points per cubic metre (!) – depending on fill type – ensure excellent film connection. Enormously resistant - up to 60,000 kg/m². The strength of this connection technology has been endorsed in prolonged tests by accredited test laboratories, such as those of TÜV (German authorized inspection agency).