We all need water to survive. Yet there are many pollutants reducing the quality of the available resources. ENEXIO products are an indispensable part of many processes applied for the removal of those pollutants from the water.

Image of glass of drinking water

Surface water can be polluted by agricultural, industrial or municipal discharges of nitrogen (ammonia or nitrate) or even organic components. For the removal of these components biological processes are a valuable option – also for potable water. Nitrification and denitrification are biological processes that need carriers with surfaces to establish and maintain the biomass.

ENEXIO supplies a large variety of such carrier materials – either 2H Random Media for moving bed or 2H BIOdek® for fixed film bio reactors. Reference plants with capacities treating up to 500kg/d of ammonia in potable water are operating.

Picture of 2H Random Media used in moving bed for drinking water treatment

2H Random Media for moving bed in drinking water treatment

The high quality standard of ENEXIO 2H fill media, their worldwide availability and their high process efficiency have been the reasons why engineers around the world rely on our products. The specific know-how of our specialists obtained through decades of experience in the water business gives our customers invaluable support.

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