Mechanical Draft cooling towers are the workhorse of industry. They are reliable, compact, powerful and variably adaptable to the respective operating and climatic conditions. They are equipped with induced-draft fans and are the ideal solution for industrial applications such as in power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, steel plants, air separation plants, automotive industry, pulp and paper factories, as well as HVAC systems. ENEXIO can provide you with cell cooling towers of every performance level with individual cell sizes ranging from 12ft x12ft to 64ft x64ft. They can be combined into complex cooling plants of any size.

The use of mechanical draft cooling towers

Field-erected Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

Field-erected Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

The use of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers allows flexible design to satisfy process requirements and environmental conditions. The Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower design furthermore guarantees great flexibility. For example, individual cells can be serviced and, if necessary, drained while the system is in operation.

We design, manufacture and install a complete range of cooling towers, in either crossflow or counterflow configurations. Our innovative systems enable us to supply capacity as required. Our experience and extensive product knowledge enables us to provide solutions for practically all applications.  As a manufacturer with our own Engineering department, we can address specific client needs.  The tailored design of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers allows a high degree of prefabrication, as well as rapid installation.

Our Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers can be manufactured from a wide range of materials: Fiberglass, Wood, Stainless Steel or Concrete.  We offer a wide range of fill media for clean or dirty water applications, with each one tailored for a specific water quality.  We can provide a turnkey solution including installation, electrical, piping, and lightning protection.