Wet Cooling Towers

Efficient technology for high-performance solutions

We design, manufacture, and service cooling towers for the energy and processing industries. More than 50 years of experience and success have made us a major global player in planning and implementation of wet cooling systems. Our Competence Center for wet cooling can offer any type of cooling tower design, including counter-flow and cross-flow solutions, with an extensive variety of technologies and concepts. The wide range of designs available from us ensures that its solutions satisfy all cost and environmental requirements, and minimize operational and service costs.


In-House Research & Development

An in-house research and development department guarantees the latest state-of-the-art technology for medium-flow routing, types of filling, drift eliminators, fans, and spray systems. We select optimal solutions from extensive possibilities of configuration such as natural draft cooling towers and cell cooling towers made of engineered composites, concrete or wood. Standardized-design solutions for power and industrial markets have been applied to cooling towers with plume abatement, with increased efficiency obtained by retrofitting existing towers with a combined wet-dry cooling system (PAC-system). We provide solutions for all fields of cooling tower operation, from great cooling capacities to high levels of operating reliability.