ENEXIO Water Technologies delivers efficient solutions for industrial and municipal water and waste water treatment. They include process calculation and design of the plant, delivery of fill media or lamella clarifiers and necessary auxiliaries such as support construction, launders, rotary distributors as well as supervision and on-site assembly equipment.

Industrial effluent treatment requires special solutions when treating process water. An ENEXIO solution is purpose-built to

  • help industrial wastewater treatment plant managers comply with discharge consent conditions,
  • minimize environmental pollution,
  • adapt the plant lay out to specific site requirements and
  • reduce costs.

Our plastic media is used to treat effluent water in a number of applications, typically trickling filters, all providing a large surface area for biological treatment of your industrial effluent water.

From supply of plug and play ready reactors for settling and biological treatment, to design and supply of customized treatment steps, based on our vast experience with all kinds of industrial applications, we will find solutions to ensure that you are running the plant as cost effectively as possible.

  • Photo of industrial trickling filter – 16 m height – equipped with BIOdek® packings

    Industrial Trickling Filter with more than 16 m height – equipped with BIOdek® packings

  • Photo of a sedimentation tank equipped with TUBEdek lamellas

    Sedimentation tank in industrial application equipped with TUBEdek® parallel plate separators

Municipal water treatment

ENEXIO designs, develops and implements municipal water and wastewater treatment solutions that improve effluent quality, reduce energy wastage and carbondioxid emissions and keep costs down.

Every ENEXIO potable water and sewage treatment solution is unique because every element – treatment processes, media, products and infrastructure– is customized to deliver the client’s performance and productivity objectives.

We work as closely as required with our municipal clients, their consultants and contractors at every stage of the process from consultancy to supply and project management eliminating unnecessary expense and disruption.

Our wastewater and potable water (DWI Reg 31 certified) treatment equipment and design expertise can help you deliver accurate process features that enable the treatment of water in a controlled manner. This means efficient biomass utilization and quality effluent.

  • Picture of trickling filter for municipal water treatment – showing rotary distributor with water above ENEXIO fill media

    Trickling Filter for Municipal Water Treatment

  • View of sedimentation tanks of Mexico’s Atotolnico sewage treatment plant

    ENEXIO equipped the sedimentation tanks of Mexico’s Atotolnico waste water treatment plant – one of the world’s largest


Waste Water Treatment

Potable Water Treatment (Drinking Water Treatment)