Natural Draft Cooling Towers can also be equipped with fans. The fans are installed at the air inlet for forced-draft air movement or on a deck above the fills to induce air flow. While air flow through a natural draft cooling tower is exclusively controlled by the height of the stack and the density difference between the cold and the hot air, the air is accelerated by the fans of a fan-assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower to reduce the overall height of the structure. Increased air velocity, caused by the installation of fans, allows a compact design.

Fan-assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Fan-assisted Natural Draft Cooling Tower

Fan-assisted Natural Draft Cooling Towers combine the benefits of natural draft cooling towers and the advantages of cell-type towers. If they are sufficiently high, no near-ground plumes will develop and no hot air will be recirculated to the air inlet where it could affect cooling capacity.

Areas of Application

Fan-assisted Natural Draft Cooling Towers are used both for power station and for process cooling applications. They are the right choice for medium or large cooling water flows and are available as a hybrid alternative.