Dense (high concentration) slurry discharge pump station

A long distance transport pump station is installed downstream of the Circumix dense slurry mixer. As the selection of the optimal pump system depends on a large number of parameters, we either specify and procure these pumps within their scope of supply or provide the project specific pump selection instructions during the basic design phase. In the latter case the Customer may have some liberty to choose between various pump types and manufacturers.

In a Circumix DSS the transport pumps are usually centrifugal pumps arranged in trains. Each pump train includes the sufficient number of centrifugal pumps connected in series to meet the head requirement for the disposal of DS. The pumps are speed - controlled in order to enable the adjustment of the output of the DS discharge system. The allowable discharge flow range is case specific, however it may easily be in the range of 50-100%, permitting ample operational flexibility for the system. The actual range is already pre-defined in the basic design phase and finalized with the due failure – protections during commissioning.