Mechanical Cooling Tower Components

Higher cooling performance requires further development

The use of further-developed components with new technologies goes hand-in-hand with a higher cooling performance, lower power consumption and a low noise development.

ENEXIO Service analyzes the inventory and the potential for improvement at the customer’s plant, so that an ideal and customized solution can be found. The amortization of such modernization can usually end up being quite short, especially when the modernization is combined with comprehensive.

Efficient cooling tower motors

Over the last few years, significantly improved values of the cooling components in terms of cooling performance as well as dirt deposits have been amply demonstrated. New and more efficient electric motors for the drive of the fan, which pay off their investment costs after a short time, in combination with the use of other speeds, can reduce noise emissions significantly. The mechanical components of the cooling tower always meet the current requirements by means of the replacement and optimal matching of individual components. This includes the use of more efficient motors or even a noise-optimized redesign.

Avoid fan-blade damages

Fan blades made of reinforced fiberglass must be suitable for an ideal air flow by intact surface coating and protection from weather influences. Over the course of time, the coating is damaged by moisture, UV radiation and abrasion on the leading edge. If the wear is so far advanced that the glass fibers are exposed, the structure of the fan blade can be damaged, which in turn might impair the stability. A repair and a new surface coating avoids a costly new purchase of the complete fan.

  • Installation of new gear motors by ENEXIO Service

  • Replacement of drift eliminators and cooling fills

  • Evaluation of the fan status