Cooling Tower & Air-Cooled Condenser Service

Global and local experts in Service for all dry and wet cooling systems

The ENEXIO Service team has over 60 employees across Europe based at four locations in Germany (Herne & Leipzig), Great Britain (Minworth) and Italy (Mornago - VA) and a Cooling Towers- competence team based in Clearwater, FL, USA and Beijing China who have been working for decades in servicing existing cooling tower equipment and all well-known dry cooling systems such as Air-cooled condensers.

ENEXIO Service offers you:

  • A wide choice of components, e.g. Gearboxes, Drive shafts couplings, Fans and motors
  • Upgrades and retrofit-programes for Air cooled condensers around the globe
  • A professional inspection including a full documentation with state-of-the-art technology
  • Various on-site trainings with our in-house specialists
  • All types of cooling tower components from ENEXIO 2H and all kinds of cooling tower fills from long-standing business partners

For the operational safety, efficiency and technical lifespan of the cooling equipment, professional and reliable service-activities in a pro-active way are the key factors – which you will find with ENEXIO Service. As one of the world’s leading providers of cooling technology, we combine the collective expertise of our company, formerly part of GEA Group AG, with the new ENEXIO Group. Here we bundle our long-standing experience in cooling tower construction and the fact that we are the inventor of the Air cooled condenser technology for an optimum service for our customers.

Overview of application fields

Years of experience and success have made us a leading manufacturer and solutions provider worldwide for the design and implementation of dry and wet cooling systems by our installation teams, construction site managers and engineers. Our reputation is based on well-known references from almost all German and numerous international industrial, chemical and power plant locations. With the service fleet of ENEXIO, you can achieve a maximum system availability.

  • Cooling tower service for power plants

    Cooling tower service for power plants

  • Cooling equipment service for chemical processing

    Cooling equipment service for chemical and petrochemical plants

  • Cooling equipment service for Steel plants

    Cooling tower service for Steel plants

  • Cooling equipment service for Process industry

    Cooling tower service for Process industry