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Reduction of water consumption in concentrated solar power plants

Twelve partners – within the context of the project MinWaterCSP, for minimized water consumption in concentrated solar power plants (CSP) – will develop solutions to reduce the consumption of water in CSP plants and increase the cost-effectiveness of such plants. European, Moroccan, and South African partners – including ENEXIO Germany GmbH and ENEXIO Management GmbH – are taking part in this research and demonstration project. This venture began in January of 2016 and is being supported by the European Union within the context of the Horizon 2020 Program.

Concentrated solar power plant

Concentrated solar power plant

MinWaterCSP aims to develop advanced cooling and mirror cleaning technologies as well as integrated water management plans to reduce cooling system water consumption by up to 95% relative to wet only cooling systems and mirror cleaning water consumption by up to 25%, while maintaining overall cycle efficiency.


  • Introduce novel hybrid dry/wet cooling technology to increase the net annual power output of CSP plants by up to 2% and reduce the water consumed for cooling by 75 to 95% relative to wet only cooling systems, while not increasing the capital cost above the level required by current cooling technologies.

  • Reduce the auxiliary power consumption of the cooling system by improving fan static efficiencies from currently 55 and 60% to 65 to 70%.

  • Reduce water consumption during mirror cleaning by 25% by introducing improved mirror cleaning processes for large-scale CSP plants using parabolic trough collectors and heliostats and for small-scale CSP plants using linear Fresnel collectors.

  • Develop comprehensive water management plans for CSP plants in various locations. This will make the location of CSP plants less dependent on the availability of high quality water sources thereby increasing the flexibility to locate them at sites with maximum solar radiation.

Get to know more about our partnership with MinWaterCSP and visit www.minwatercsp.eu

ENEXIO is part of Horizon 2020


As part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program of the European Union, MinWaterCSP is being supported under Funding Agreement no. 654443. For more information on Horizon 2020, please consult the following website: www.horizont2020.de