Corporate Governance

Tone from the top

For us at ENEXIO, integrity means acting in accordance with our values – excellence, responsibility, integrity, passion and diversity – wherever we do business. A key element of integrity is compliance: adherence to the law and to our own internal regulations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and violations of the principles of fair competition – and where these do occur, we respond rigorously.

The ENEXIO Management Board sets the following principles by way of a Tone from the Top and provides, by all Compliance policies and guidelines, the framework for an ethical business conduct of all officers and employees.

  • Compliance with all legal regulations and internal company policies is a key management duty at ENEXIO and has absolute priority, even if it has a negative impact on the business (whether internal or external financial targets or other business goals).
  • ENEXIO expects legally and ethically impeccable conduct from all of its directors and employees in daily     business operations, because the way they carry out their duties affects the company’s reputation and economic viability.

  • The Management Board declares that ENEXIO is unreservedly committed to Compliance and will forgo any business transactions that would violate any compliance principles.

  • The ENEXIO Global Code of Conduct in conjunction with the Anticorruption Policy, the Antitrust Policy, the Export Control Policy and further policies, detail the organisational framework for corporate compliance and specify areas in which violations of applicable law can have particularly serious adverse consequences, both for the entire enterprise and for individual employees.

  • The principles set forth in these policies are designed to guide directors and employees in their business-related actions and protect them from misconduct.

  • The ENEXIO Compliance Organisation provides support for this purpose. Employees may contact their respective supervisors or Compliance Officers for support and advice on ensuring legally compliant conduct in specific business situations.


The Management Board