Power generation

No energy without the engineering
and excellence of ENEXIO

Energy is the elixir of life for the world’s economy and for individual prosperity. Efforts being made for greater energy efficiency – especially in industrial countries – have indeed proved effective: as evidenced by the fact that energy consumption throughout the world is growing slower than gross domestic products. At the same time, however: the hunger for energy in quickly growing economies is leading to shifts in energy mix – which drives undesired CO2 emissions upward. In conversion of primary energy to final and useful energy, technology from us has made key contributions to efficient handling of the resources of our planet. 

Power plant cooling

In accordance with the laws of thermodynamics, heat energy can be effectively transformed into useful energy (such as electricity) if not only a high temperature, but also as great a temperature difference as possible is provided. This means that – in addition to a heat source – a cold side is also required: more correctly, a heat sink. This heat sink is provided by power plant cooling systems: e.g., a cooling tower. Depending on customer requirements we can provide any type of cooling solution for power generation efficiency while assuring cooling water economy. Our rich product portfolio ranges from all dry air cooled condenser (ACC) and Heller technologies to all wet cooling towers and cooling tower components (fill media), as well as dry/ wet combinations with evaporative add-ons.

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