Chemical industry

No modern products without ENEXIO

Elegant stockings, cheerfully colored paint, and trendy smartphones – you wouldn’t have any of these without modern chemistry. It all started in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with the production of sulfuric acid, soda, fertilizers, paint, artificial fibers, and medicine. Today, it has become one of the most innovative and strongest-growing sectors: the chemical industry. Along with basic chemistry, specialized chemistry, and pharmaceuticals, all of this has become the fifth-largest German industrial sector, with production volume of more than 150 billion euros. Without efficient – and above all safe – cooling technology from ENEXIO, advanced chemistry would be unfeasible.

Cooling towers by enexio service

When heat exchangers are used for steam condensation, gas cooling and industrial drying, a secondary system is necessary to cool the recirculating water loop. Open evaporate coolers are often used to cool the water and our cooling towers can be fitted to cool the produced heat load. Our cooling tower systems combine high cooling capacity with low energy consumption. According to the heat load we provide various types of cooling towers; natural draft cooling towers, fan-assisted natural draft cooling towers, field-erected mechanical draft cooling towers and modular cooling towers. For modular cooling towers, the modules are supplied ready to use and they are easy to adjust to cooling requirements and to available space.

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