wet-to-dry conversion

every drop of water counts

Globally growing consumer demand for fresh water, and its sources diminished by the ever-changing climate, recurring droughts as well as consumption regulations make many wet-cooled power plants vulnerable to water scarcity around the world. Several industry analysts and many of our present customers agree, that where alternate sources for cooling tower make-up water are unavailable, converting the cooling system from wet to wet & dry or all-dry is a feasible solution. 

ENEXIO has developed computation models to determine – with basic climate and turbine data input from the plant - the present value of cost life-cycle revenue for customers through Wet-to-Dry conversion, based on year-round simulation of turbine output and water consumption variations.

ENEXIO Wet-to-Dry cooling system

Ask ENEXIO to customize a Wet-to-Dry cooling system conversion, with one of our patented* conversion schemes, tailor-made to your facility, alleviating dependency on increasingly expensive and limited water resources.

  • ENEXIO Indirect Dry Cooling

    Add-on Indirect Dry Cooling Tower Common Circuit

  • ENEXIO Indirect Dry Cooling

    Add-on Indirect Dry Cooling Tower Separate Circuit

  • ENEXIO Condensing Wet & Dry cooling system

    Dual (Parallel) Condensing Wet & Dry System

  • ENEXIO PAC System

    Add-on Air Cooled Condenser PAC-System (Parallel Condensing System)

PV = Revenue / A - I where
PV Present value of net revenues with conversion
I ($) total „cooling system conversion” related investment cost
R ($ / year) annual revenue = balance of yearly electricity generation income and yearly water- and maintenance costs
A (1 / year) annuity rate (= i/(1-1/(1+i)^n); i = interest rate %; n = remaining plant life (yr))

Water Consumption of investigated variants