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Closer to the customer - ENEXIO founds independent Service organization in Herne and Leipzig (Germany): The cooling tower One-Stop-Shop by ENEXIO

Herne, Germany – November 23, 2016 – ENEXIO, one of the world's leading suppliers of power plant cooling systems, will be re-launching its service area in order to serve the growing service volume. Since March 1st, 2016, the new founded ENEXIO Service GmbH headquartered in Herne, Germany with a branch office in Leipzig, Germany has been serving customers in the field of wet cooling towers from the power plant-, chemical-, and process industry...

Launch of German language version of corporate ENEXIO website

Herne (Germany), October 26, 2016 - We are very proud to present our new German language version of the corporate ENEXIO website - On this page, we bundle all information relevant to the German-speaking countries - all around dry and wet cooling systems for the power plant and process industry, After Sales & Service as well as ENEXIO 2H water and waste water technologies. Visit and do not miss any product and service-offer from the ENEXIO Group!

TAYA wastewater treatment — the solution for your manure problem

Herne (Germany) – October 26, 2016 – With immediate effect, ENEXIO Water Technologies is the distributor in Germany of the TAYA technology developed by Triple-T's experts. The TAYA system is designed to treat severely polluted wastewater, as produced in pig and cattle stalls, and to reduce the total nitrogen content in the effluent up to 90%. An additional benefit of the IFAS system is that effects such as bulky sludge do not influence the stationary biomass on the fills. In addition, the sludge from an IFAS system can be settled more effectively: a benefit in secondary treatment...

Launch of new Chinese Website of ENEXIO

Beijing (China), September 21, 2016 – We are very proud to present to you our new Chinese version of our website, . Following our motto as a global provider for dry- and wet cooling solutions with local presences all over the world, we created a Chinese Transcription of our corporate website to strengthen our footprint in China. Do not miss any news, events or product innovation of ENEXIO China and visit our website!

Kelvion and ENEXIO collaborate in the EU project MinWaterCSP for reduction of water consumption in concentrated solar power plants

Bochum/Herne (Germany), March 21, 2016 – Under coordination by Kelvion, a total of twelve partners – within the context of the project MinWaterCSP, for minimized water consumption in concentrated solar power plants (CSP) – will develop solutions to reduce the consumption of water in CSP plants and increase the cost-effectiveness of such plants. European, Moroccan, and South African partners – including ENEXIO Deutschland and Kelvion Thermal Solutions of South Africa – are taking part in this research and demonstration project. This venture began in January of 2016 and is being supported by the European Union within the context of the Horizon 2020 Program...

Increase of settling performance in rainwater overflow basins with ENEXIO 2H TUBEdek® lamella separators

Herne (Germany) – March 15, 2016 – The use of ENEXIO 2H TUBEdek® parallel-plate separators enables considerable increase in the performance of rainwater overflow basins. Separators from ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH (formerly, GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH) provide multiple settling planes, in an inclined configuration. As a result, the previous performance can be more than doubled – when incoming and outgoing flows are correctly designed based on know-how provided by ENEXIO engineers. This solution offers an increase in the capacity of existing overflow plants, simpler integration of smaller-sized new basins...

Increase in sewage treatment performance with ENEXIO 2H BIOdek®-IFAS fills for activated sludge basins

Herne (Germany) – February 04, 2016 – The use of fills from ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH (formerly GEA 2H Water Technologies) can increase the output of activated sludge basin by up to 35 %. ENEXIO 2H BIOdek® IFAS fills are designed for installation in new sewage treatments plants and for retrofitting existing plants. They can be retrofitted while plants remain in operation, to adapt activated sludge basins to more demanding requirements. Such retrofitting involves installing cascades of the fills, with modular configuration, in the treatment basins – if required, with the necessary aeration systems. Performance enhancement is based on the IFAS principle...

Power Cooling segment of former GEA Heat Exchangers becomes ENEXIO

Bochum, Germany – November 30, 2015 – Due to change of ownership, another new standalone company has been created out of the former Heat Exchanger segment of the GEA Group AG. The Power Cooling Solutions division will appear separately and independently under the new name ENEXIO. The other segments of the former GEA Heat Exchanger Group operate under different names and market presence, like DencoHappel (former Air Treatment) and Kelvion (former Heat Exchanger Systems).

The name ENEXIO is a reflection of what we do: Energy. Engineering. Excellence. These attributes define our market position and means for our customers that we are a reliable partner who is always there to meet their expectations with superior results. ...